Our business is founded on integrity above all else. We’re well aware that a reputation for honesty and hard work takes years to develop and just a moment to lose, so we strive to be consistent and trustworthy in everything we do.

We never make a promise we can’t keep, and we’re always straightforward in our dealings with others. We pride ourselves on honest and effective communication, and we work hard to maintain sustainable relationships through productive cooperation and a shared sense of enterprise. 

We aim to deliver what we say, when we say, for the price agreed. Nothing less will do.

“A wide range of high-quality stone water features and products, sourced directly from Welsh quarries, delivered on time, with fantastic customer service.”

Breathtaking Geological Diversity

Our location in the heart of Snowdonia provides us with an unparalleled geological resource. A Rich source of various stones can be found in every direction, from the world-famous blue, purple, and green slate deposits of the Welsh mountains to the well-weathered sandstone of the coast. Ancient glacial boulders of hard, volcanic rhyolite sit alongside deposits of black limestone in a landscape of astonishing natural beauty. 

An Ancient Story

That landscape was crafted over countless millennia. Clashing plate tectonics produced the region’s vulcanicity and helped forge the Cambrian Mountains. Later on, periods of intense glaciation carved out rugged peaks and valleys and swept up natural rock boulders that were transported for miles. These boulders can now be found strewn across the Welsh hills, often half-buried in the earth but rubbed smooth by the acidic and alkaline groundwater that has polished them over the centuries.

Modern Craftsmanship  

We transform the region’s natural resources into water fountains that everyone can enjoy. Our purpose-built drill rig, designed and constructed by one of our directors, allows us to drill holes in the most challenging rocks and source stones of various sizes, from small boulders to huge monoliths more than two metres tall. This helps us to create water fountains that can fit perfectly in any garden design or landscaping project.